I’ve been slacking. (A week in the life of Billy)

Trying to keep up with the blog is a challenging issue. The first month and a half I was on top of it. No issues, now it’s been almost two weeks since my last post. I am not okay with this. I will not let it be this long between posts if I can help it. I must say I have a good reason to be behind on it. This last week was bonkers. Let me tell you about that.

Friday, April  19th.

This day consisted of me driving to Sarasota to do a professional head shot in the clients house. This is always a crap shoot. You try to plan out ahead where this is going to take place within the house. I know my studio takes up roughly a 15×10 footprint. Then I need about 5 more feet to have what I would say is a ideal shooting length. Thankfully this house had a living room that laid out almost perfectly. Just needed to move a table and a chair and boom, a studio in the house. Fun thing, you’d never know it was shot in their house.

Saturday, April 20th

I was supposed to have a family portrait this day but the weather was not cooperating. The wind was gusting in the 30mph range which is never good for hair in pictures. We decided it was best to postpone this. This gave me the chance to go out to the Tampa Bay Cannons frisbee game. That’s right, there is professional ultimate in the bay area. You should check it out. I was unprepared when the rain came early in the second half but thankfully a nice little plastic bag did the trick/ It was nice to get back to photographing some ultimate. This was the first gig for ultimate I have done since November. Took a few minutes to get back into the frisbee rhythm. I’m always amazed that each sport has a rhythm to it. You can start to see shooting lanes, and timing up the sequence for peak action. Got some really cool shots and the Cannons won. They are undefeated currently.

Sunday, April 21st.

Took the day off of work to spend time with the family in the morning, and then my best friends birthday, and then ended the day with some tennis where I Zioned my shoe, just blew it out.

Monday, April 22nd.

The thing they don’t tell you about running your own photography business is that some days you’ll never even be near your camera, or photoshop for that matter. Monday was that day. I ran all over the city running errands, paying taxes, ordering ink, picking up packages. Talking to brides, setting up schedules for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, April 23rd.

Back to my home away from home it seems. I am okay with that. Bradenton Christian School sees enough of me that sometimes I feel like a student, or a teacher. Tuesday was senior night for the softball team so I made my way out to their game. It was an exciting game even if it wasn’t close on the score board/ BCS took a lead early in the game and built on it every inning.

Wednesday, April 24th

The long day of the week for me yet it didn’t seem like it. Minus being crazy hot. Wednesday I had a wedding, Yup that’s right, a wedding on a Wednesday. Tony and Kodi were so much fun. This was kind of a destination wedding for them. They are from Ohio and come to Florida a few times a year. This is where they decided to get married. It was a small wedding, maybe only 20ish guests. The wedding was on the beach at The Harrington House. If you have a small wedding check them out, they are great people and the venue is just perfect for that kind of small town beach feel. They also have stellar food! Kodi was a stunning bride which makes my job easier. More importantly than that Tony and Kodi were such sweethearts and a joy to work with. I had a wrench thrown into my plans as I had to find another assistant as Nikki had prior plans. My lovely friend and great photographer in her own right came through in the clutch and knocked it outta the park. Maria and I have so much fun together. She is high energy like me and we bounce ideas off each other well. She is a much more technical photographer than I which is fun because I learn so much from her. Here’s some of our shots from the wedding.

Thursday, April 25th.

Someday’s I just need to leave the house. Along with everything else, most days I spend multiple hours sitting at the computer on photoshop. That is my least favorite part of being a photographer. I enjoy photoshop, but not when I put 25 hours a week into it. I want to shoot, not edit. That being said some days I just need to do something fun and get out of the house. My love for photography not only created my job but it is still my hobby. I had no need to go to BCS on this day and cover the baseball game other than I wanted to. That desire to chase that next amazing shot. That at times is more exciting that getting the shot. Trying to be different, make myself look at things differently. Or sometimes at BCS has my camera taken by a student and let them shoot. Faith and Bailey are the normal suspects when this happens. The baseball game this day was fun from the point that the Bayshore pitcher had a wacky release and at the end of his pitch he ended up looking all the way at first base. BCS ran away with the game and it was over in 5 innings.

Friday, April 26th

I spent almost 6 hours on the road to photograph one building in Orlando. I-4 is, well, no easy way to put it, hell on earth. It is ALWAYS backed up. Slow downs, crashes, people not knowing how to drive. What should have taken me 2 hours and 20 minutes took me almost 4 hours.  Mind you there were no accidents. Just awful traffic. Google maps even gave up at one point and told me to take back roads, which was a nice change until I got stuck behind a dump truck doing 30 in a 50. I digress. Oden Hardy Construction is one of my best, most loyal clients. They are right up there with BCS and the Debutantes. When they send me to a job I want to do better than the last job I was at, every time. This time is no exception. I had actually been to this location a few weeks ago but a misunderstanding had happened and the building wasn’t actually ready. It was a silver lining. Architectural photography is all about lines and light. You HAVE to make sure that the building is perfectly straight. Logical I know. When you take a picture of a multiple story structure from the ground, the building is NEVER square. It is always bowed in and too tall. This one had that issue in camera but the biggest issue was the facade would only get good light from one side. I took some flashes out with me and light up one entire side of the building. I got some strange looks from people passing by, partly because I was lighting the side of a storage building, and partly because I was standing ontop of a dumpster to get taller to lessen the lens distortion.   This building was a little more fun as I went up on the roof to take a few shots too. That doesn’t get to happen often.

This is what my week was like. They aren’t always this crazy, and sometimes a week like this seems like a light week. Thats the joy of being a photographer and a small business owner, never really sure what the next week will hold in store. This coming week I currently have 4 portrait sessions lined up. I have to print and frame 22 posters. Finish a slide show. Send out finished images, edit the shots from last week, and photograph a wedding on Friday. It’s a good thing I love what I do because it keeps me busy.


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